Monday, August 31, 2009

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Prevent snails and slugs from laying eggs in Fall to minimize hatching next Spring

In September and October, as home gardeners prepare for cool weather gardening or secure their gardens for the winter, they often forget that with the start of fall begins a prime breeding season for slugs. During this time of year, slugs will lay clusters of eggs along the edge of the lawn, under sticks and stones, or even in high grass.

Baiting in the fall and using a product that’s effective in all types of weather, such as Corry's® or Deadline®, helps ensure that you’ll have fewer slugs and snails the following spring. The unique mode of action of Meta® active ingredient irreversibly destroys slugs’ and snails’ mucus-producing cells. Slugs that ingest Meta® baits cannot recover, even in wet conditions. The result is immediate plant protection. When used as directed, Meta® active ingredient has been shown to do no harm to beneficial organisms such as bees, earthworms and beetles. It also readily decomposes into carbon dioxide and water by microorganisms in the soil.

Proper Application is Key to Success
Meta® baits are available in different formulations, allowing customers to choose their preference, instead of using “what’s available.” Meal formulations, pellets and liquid paste can withstand rain, targeting and minimizing slug populations in their favorite weather. It’s recommended you spread approximately 20 pellets per linear foot evenly around the perimeter of the plant, or apply a thin “pencil line” ring of liquid bait or sprinkle a light dusting of meal around the plant. These modest applications are easy to hide within your landscape. Tips for maximum efficacy include:

Follow Directions - ALWAYS read the directions carefully when applying slug and snail bait.
No Bait Clumping - Always spread the bait evenly around snails’ and slugs’ favorite plants and do not clump or mound the bait. Snails and slugs can only eat so much, so piling the bait isn’t going to produce better results.
Border Treatment - Applications should not only be made to the plants, but also areas where snails and slugs hide during the day, including stacks of firewood, around rocks, mulch piles, pots and ivy or high grass.
The Wetter the Better - Slugs thrive in moist conditions; applying product immediately after rainfall is highly beneficial; or if it's not going to rain, water the area before the application.
Timing is Everything - Bait should be applied right before dusk, if possible. Slugs come out to feed when night falls, so apply bait shortly before the sun goes down.

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  1. Does this bait affect the little frogs I have in my garden? I like those little frogs, so I've been hand picking slugs.