Thursday, August 27, 2009

Feeling wealthy

So, while you were out doing all that healthy yard work, did you get a little carried away with planting produce? Overestimate your kids' enthusiasm for fresh kohlrabi? The Garden Writers Association is here to help. Now you can feel healthy, wealthy and wise!

The Garden Writers Association created this community service project called Plant a Row for the Hungry (PAR) to connect backyard excess with dining room dearth. I bet there are even people who would like your zucchini. Many sites in urban and suburban areas around Portland accept fresh produce, and they are listed on the Metro website and in free Metro Food Donation Resource Guides for local counties.

To connect with the project, check out the following list:

If you have a rustling pile of cash instead of produce, another worthy effort is Growing Gardens. Using hundreds of volunteers, Growing Gardens builds organic, raised bed vegetable gardens in just about any available space, making sure low-income Portlanders have the resources they need to grow healthy food at home. Visit their web site for more information:

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