Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fun ahead!

Okay, here it comes! Le Tour des Plants starts this coming Saturday, so my blogs are going to focus, like a Lab on a tennis ball, on the Big Event. That is the perfect analogy too, because there will be lots of happy running hither and thither and lots of fun, although with less panting and considerably more decorum. Maybe.

You may already know that fall is a great time to plant here in the Pacific Northwest, but in case you have forgotten, Le Tour des Plants is here to remind you that May is NOT the only time to put flowers and veggies into your garden.

What’s in it for me, you may ask. Only the most unique, fun garden event in the whole country! Over thirty specialty nurseries and garden centers are offering activities to inspire you, new plants to delight you, and special savings to please your pocketbook. Make your first stop and look at all the activities we have in store for you. Look at the map and get an idea of where the nurseries and garden centers are located. Then plan your route, get your gardening buddies, and head out for the wild green yonder!

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