Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Got Slope? How About a Rock Garden?

By Whitney Rideout

When Bob and I moved into our house several years ago we were a bit leery about the steep slope of our property. Over the years we’ve found a lot of great ways to stabilize and landscape that slope, but there was still one area that eluded us. Yesterday I found the answer we needed from a class at Green Gate Nursery: build a rock garden. Owner Anthony Bernert walked several visitors through the principles behind building a rock garden and unifying elements to make it look natural and part of the overall setting. He provided an overview of construction, design, materials, and plants, and shared several tips he's learned over many years of building rock gardens in Oregon. If you missed this class don't worry, he's holding another one Saturday the 19th at 3 pm. And even if you're not planning to build a rock garden, I'd encourage you to visit this unique nursery which has fantastic plants, a huge selection of alpines and other unusual treasures.

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