Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kid Stuff: Projects for young gardeners

Gathering fallen maple leaves or heading to the pumpkin patch and corn maze are great fall activities with your kids, but why not step outside the box and consider hands-on projects to tackle with the next generation of gardeners?

The Circle Of Life
Purchasing flower and vegetable seeds from garden stores or seed catalogs is great, but it’s fun to collect your own seeds each fall. As the garden winds down for fall, harvest the seeds with care, and dry and organize them for storage. Kids can create their own seed packets with craft paper or envelopes and use their artistic talent to decorate and label each. You might add a snapshot on the front of the young gardener with the mature plant or harvest bounty. These make wonderful gifts, an appealing fundraising option, or seeds for the cold frame come March. Plants that work well for seed harvest include pumpkin, sunflower, zinnia, cosmos, marigold, and cornflower.

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