Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eye Candy

If you know you want year-round color and structure in your garden, think CONIFERS! (In the interest of full disclosure, I have a HUGE bias for conifers...I think they are so cool, so diverse and so useful in a garden.) Peace of Mind Nursery, a nursery specializing in rare and unusual conifers, is a wholesale nursery primarily, but the owner Dave Grotz, will meet with and sell to home gardeners by appointment.

His Web site ( offers an extensive photo gallery—in fact, there are 31 photo galleries. They showcase the plants he grows by color (Blues Garden, Pot of Gold Garden), by use in the garden (The Pillar Garden, Hedging Our Bets) and by genus (Chamaecyparis, Firs, Cedars). Because Dave has a sense of humor and loves his conifers, you’ll find galleries dedicated to The Weirdos and What’s Cool. You’ll also find a gallery titled “The Process” that provides a pictorial description of the nursery trade from grafting to shipping a truckload of specialty conifers. Of the aspects of the industry he features in this gallery, I consider several to be true art forms and many nurseries use teams of specialists in these areas: digging root balls, grafting and loading trucks for regional and transnational shipment. Take a look. It’s the last photo gallery listed.

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