Friday, June 18, 2010

Gardening enthusiasm and expertise needed

The interest in and demand for community gardens in the Portland metro area and throughout Oregon has increased dramatically in the past few years. This surge of demand has put a huge strain on available resources.

There is an immediate and long-term need for materials, volunteers, and cash donations. In Portland alone, there are 1,100 garden plots at 35 sites serving 4,000 people, and there is a substantial waiting list of users, which the City and many supporters are trying to address.

Community gardens serve an important function in our communities.

  • They offer low-income citizens a way to feed themselves and their families;
  • They provide healthy produce and flowers to those in need;
  • They help create a sense of community and offer a welcoming environment for community members of all ages; and
  • They offer a place for new and future gardeners to learn new skills
Due to the high demand and interest in Portland community gardens, a variety of resources are really needed. [For other areas of the state, please check with your parks department.]


Seeds, vegetable starts, blueberry plants, dwarf fruit trees, compost, organic fertilizer, mulch, cover crop seed, Reemay (cover crop fabric), trellis material, picnic tables, materials for construction of raised beds, and edging products. For details on donating these items, contact Portland Community Gardens (503-823-1612, Tuesday through Saturday or e-mail

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Help organize and build new gardens.
  • Assist in garden clean-up, programs, and social events.
  • Work with skilled leaders to assist with children's and classroom gardens.
  • Connect with prospective gardeners.
  • Help with the bi-monthly newsletter.
  • Assist with public relations, fundraising, and grant writing
Specific skills that are needed include: photography, carpentry, landscaping, gardening, and fruit tree care. For more info, call 503-823-1612.

Cash Donations

Friends of Portland Community Gardens, a non-profit 501C3, accepts tax deductible financial donations, which help pay for building gardens or other dedicated needs.

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