Friday, June 25, 2010

Moss Musings

I have long been fascinated with moss. In fact, as a child I was so enthralled with moss that, before I turned 10, I thought of becoming a botanist specializing in moss. The little “trumpets” that grew above the verdant mounds were fascinating. And I was convinced that fairies inhabited mossy woodlands (I’m still pretty sure they do, which is why I love hemlock forests so much). Somehow, I was sent the first edition of Moss Musings in April and I’ve been meaning to share it with you because moss inhabits much of our environment here in the Northwest. Personally, I’m all for letting the moss grow where it will, which is on my concrete patio and driveway, rocks, lawn, etc. In fact, a landscape contractor visiting my house looked at my moss-covered concrete patio and knew immediately that I preferred a more natural style of garden. I aspire to lots of mossy rocks in my yard…I just don’t quite have the energy at the moment to haul the tons of necessary rock into the back garden to get started!

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