Tuesday, February 15, 2011


By the makers of EarthPot®

“At Landscape East & West, we love the EarthPot! They are quick to plant, there’s no plastic pots and mess to pick up after the job is done, and the plants establish faster with no transplant shock!”
- Cody Plath, Landscape East & West, Clackamas, Ore.

To gardeners, few things are more rewarding than working in the garden. We love the colors, smells and unlimited possibilities of creating a personal masterpiece with our own hands.

Before adding plants to the garden, we typically have to do some prep work, including removing the plants from the—most often—plastic pots and ensuring the roots are loose and ready for planting. If a plant has been in a pot for a while, it may have circling roots, which are easily recognizable and put the plant’s long term survivability at risk. Sometimes it’s necessary to slash the roots and massage them free from one another. This prep work may be annoying to us, but it’s more annoying to the plant and often delays future growth as the plant re-establishes its root structure. And we have to take care of the plastic pots, hopefully recycling them and worse case, throw them away.

There is a new alternative to the pervasive plastic nursery pot: The EarthPot®. The EarthPot is a soil media in cellulose (plant based) wrapper. Made locally, the outer fabric wrap takes the place of the plastic pot. You plant the EarthPot and its wrapper directly into the soil. Roots grow right through the fabric and are stronger because they are air pruned, promoting more root branching and a more fibrous root structure.

“I love the EarthPot! They are easy to work with and I don’t have a lot of pots to clean up when I’m finished planting. I guess I’d say they make working in the garden more fun!”
- Shelley B., homeowner and gardener, Tacoma, Wash.

EarthPots are faster to plant and take less time to clean up; plants will not experience transplant shock because the roots aren’t disturbed; and you will do your part to cut down on what goes into the landfill.

Editor’s Note: To learn more about the EarthPot alternative to plastic pots, visit booths #754 and #756 at Yard, Garden & Patio Show. We thank them for their support of the show.

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