Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tips for Blueberry Success

Information courtesy of Fall Creek Farm & Nursery

Blueberry lovers rejoice! A straightforward, non-technical guide to growing blueberries anywhere in the U.S. will have you picking your favorite berries in no time. Fall Creek’s A Gardener’s Guide to Blueberries will help ensure your success with these famously unfussy shrubs.

A Gardener’s Guide to Blueberries is based on three decades of field-tested wisdom gleaned from the Brazelton family and their team of experts. Their Fall Creek Farm & Nursery in Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley is the world’s leading wholesale producer of blueberry stock, with presence in the blueberry industries across North and South America, Europe, and Africa. In this 40-page, full-color guide, the Brazeltons share their insight and enthusiasm for what they consider the perfect plant. Their guide even offers two treasured Brazelton family recipes: Overnight Mini Blueberry Sweet Rolls and Aunt Bev’s Blueberry Muffins.

Written by the world’s leading blueberry experts at Fall Creek Nursery, the compact but comprehensive guide outlines steps to success with blueberries, from planting to plucking and everything in between. Topics include blueberry varieties, site selection, soil preparation, planting, pollination, mulching, fertilizing, watering, pruning, pests, cold protection, container plantings, troubleshooting, online resources and the health benefits of eating your blueberry bounty.

Fall Creek's Amelie Aust
Amelie Brazelton Aust, daughter of Fall Creek’s co-founders, Dave and Barbara Brazelton, oversees the company’s new product development. Fall Creek’s market research has shown that home gardeners are intimidated by blueberries. “Either they’re convinced they can’t grow them in their area, or perhaps they had planted them before but failed,” Aust says. “This simple guide offers those tried-and-true tricks we’ve shared with fruit growers for decades. We wanted to make them available to every home gardener in a way that was simple, fun and affordable.”

Aust notes that while blueberries have won a very special place in the hearts of berry-lovers around the world, they’re much more than a shrub bearing summer fruit. “They’re perfect for every season and every garden. They offer beautiful bell-shaped flowers in spring, an abundance of luscious berries in summer, brilliant foliage in fall and vibrant cane color in winter,” she says. “Blueberries come in all shapes and sizes, from dwarf varieties suitable for patio pots to tall varieties that are great for hedges.”

Fall Creek’s A Gardener’s Guide to Blueberries is available to the public at the retail price of $4.99 through select garden centers, nurseries and retail stores. It is also available through Amazon. In addition, a digital e-book version of the guide is available online now through Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Sony Reader Store and iTunes.


  1. Looks like a wonderful, well researched book, and I believe even I, after reading, might be able to grow blueberries!

  2. I have always wished my blueberries were as happy and robust and productive as my friend Karen's. Not sure what is lacking in my setup, but I would like to learn how to be a better mommy to my blueberry bushes and this book sounds like a great resource. Nice blog too. :)

  3. Erica and dotrathert,

    If you email your name, mailing address and how many blueberries, if any, you have in your garden, I'll mail you a copy of the blueberry guide. Fall Creek gave me 10 to share with Random Acts of Gardening readers on a first come, first serve basis.

    -Ann (

  4. I definately could use this book! This year I had terrible blueberry production. I have great hope this book can help me learn what I need to know!

  5. We've given away all the free guides. People were quick to respond! Please refer to the list of where you can purchase the guides. Thank you for reading Random Acts of Gardening!

    If you think of it, share your favorite blueberry variety(s) with us.

  6. I'm so glad that Random Acts of Gardening worked with us to give away a few books. This guide is wonderful, packed with information, and worth the $4.99 price ($3.99 e-book format). Visit our site to find where to buy.

    Blueberries are really quite simple to grow with a few planting and care tips. As for lack of fruiting Susan, the most like culprit is lack of pruning. Our advice? Prune, prune, prune and then prune some more!

    The best time to prune is when the plants are dormant after they've lost their leaves. Remove all dead or blotchy wood. Keep the bright colored wood with long lateral branches.

    This is the key: Prune 1/3 - 1/2 of the wood. (Yes, that much!) The best fruit production is on new wood.

    Let us know how your plants do next year after pruning.

    Happy Blueberry Gardening Everyone!

    Amy Daniel
    Fall Creek Farm & Nursery

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