Friday, December 16, 2011

Finding Enjoyment in Gardening

Barney, my adorable golden retriever, loves to help me in the garden. When I am digging a hole or examining a plant close-up, he’s right there with that big nose of his wondering what I’m doing. He’s also been known to pull up what looks to him to be a twig but in reality is a dormant deciduous plant I just put in the ground. And he loves to pick apples off the two columnar trees (he picked 10 or more while I got to pick the one remaining one…next year the trees will get some protection). He also likes to nibble strawberries, shred the old nylons I’ve used as plant ties and he breaks or pulls out of the ground any wooden plant stakes to gnaw on them. But other than that, he’s perfect and his antics add a joyous dimension to gardening.

Often there are many chores that need to be done to keep a garden healthy and behaving well. But as Barney demonstrates in the video, if we learn to enjoy the simplest aspects of being in the garden, we’ll love gardening even more.

You’ll find much to enjoy at the Yard, Garden & Patio Show, presented by Dennis 7 Dees Landscaping and Garden Centers. There will be knowledgeable experts, plants, tools, art, garden designers and contractors, and so much more to help make your gardening experience a joyous one. Please join us February 17-19 at the Oregon Convention Center to kick off spring surrounded by the goodness of gardening.

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