Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Herban Gardening

I just saw the term “herban gardening” in a trade publication. It’s perfect for reflecting two trends: gardening in the urban environment and a surge in the interest in herbs. Edibles are no longer considered just a trend, but rather a lifestyle. Herbs are a way to enrich the flavor of your food and to garden on a very small scale. As I’ve mentioned before in Random Acts of Gardening blogs, I’m new to the food growing world. This will be my third year as an urban “farmer.” I’m better at it than I was three years ago, but still I have so much to learn.

The Yard, Garden & Patio Show seminars, February 17-19 at the Oregon Convention Center, are designed to help you find inspiration and instruction on how to garden successfully. There’s a robust selection of educational offerings devoted to growing food and herbs (and don’t forget to mix your edibles with your ornamental plants). Two seminars are at the top of my list. On Friday, Feb. 17, Karen Wolfgang, Independence Gardens, talks about “Planning the Vegetable Garden.” Willi Galloway, author of the hot-off-the-press book Grow Cook Eat and former west coast editor of Organic Gardening magazine, discusses on Sunday, Feb. 19, “Succession Planting 101: Getting the Most Food from Your Garden.”

There are plenty of other food-to-table seminars being offered…and don’t forget to stop by the incredible edible “Garden-to-Table” garden inspired by French potagers. The garden will host short educational talks throughout the show and have experts on hand to answer your garden

Friday, Feb. 17:
Rose Marie Nichols McGee – “First the Seed: Sowing Your Garden”
Karen Wolfgang – “Planning the Vegetable Garden”
Bill Thorness – “10 Steps to Your Best Tomato Year Yet”

Saturday, Feb. 18:
Jim Gilbert – “Grow Your Own Fruit

Sunday, Feb. 19:
• Vegetable Gardening Panel featuring Glen Andresen, Lori Vollmer, and Willi Galloway
Willi Galloway – “Succession Planting 101: Getting the Most Food from Your Garden”

Bulbs are starting to peek out of the ground. Any minute I’m expecting to smell the wafting fragrance of Sarcococca. The silvery buds on my Edgeworthia are plumping. All are sure signs of spring!

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