Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Small Investment. Big Impact.

The large picture window in my living room provides a second story glimpse of my garden. Just off the patio under the Acer griseum is a spot that I look at almost every day of the year. That part of the garden is comprised of a mish-mash of plants, many of which have finely textured leaves (who am I kidding...most of my garden is a mish-mash of finely textured plants!). I wanted to add some drama to the spot so the eye has a place to rest. Visually, it needed to work from above and at garden level.

I decided that hostas would be perfect for the spot. Their dramatic leaves provide months of interest, especially as the clump grows in size, easy care and reasonable price make them a good investment. An interesting medium-size blue hosta with wedge-shaped leaves (‘Flemish Sky’) would be a perfect foil for a smaller creamy yellow and blue-green hosta (‘August Frost’). The vigorous chartreuse creeping jenny would keep the spot bright and help make the hostas colors pop.

Take a look at the before and after photos and let me know what you think. The hostas are from Sebright Gardens, a specialty nursery just north of Salem.

Hover over the image to see the after photo.

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  1. Yes, that center hosta really gets your attention!