Thursday, September 27, 2012

Motley Mazus

Photo credit: Monrovia
Motley Mazus is what Stepables® calls Mazus radicans. Monrovia refers to it as Freckled Mazus. I was introduced to mazus at Little Prince of Oregon, a wholesale groundcover nursery, where I grabbed a 4-inch pot because the tiny, dense, green-splotched-with-bronze leaves were so interesting. The leaves are what attracted me, but it blooms, too, offering small flowers in late spring. The plant was new to me, but apparently it has been around for awhile. Both Stepables and Monrovia agree that this low-growing—only 1-2 inches high—groundcover is excellent between flagstones or even as lawn substitute if it is grown in an environment with constant moisture in well-draining soil. I wish I had such a place in my garden. I’m going to give it a try in one of my trough gardens.

The Stepables plant tag says: “Runners form on top and below the soil. Grows tight to the ground and covers the surface completely. Snapdragon-like flowers, white on top, with purple bottom and yellow throat bloom for 4-6 weeks in summer. Blooms are twice as big as leaves. In warmer climates, plant will require more shade; colder climates more sun. Can be evergreen in temperate climates or protected areas. Takes heavy foot traffic (three times or more daily).” Grows in zones 6-9.

Have you grown Mazus in your garden?

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  1. Yes. Love it. Grows between flagstones and looks great. Mine is tolerating wet soils and winter shade very well.