Monday, January 28, 2013

Gardens Induce Emotions

Garden design has changed through the ages, often shifting between formality and a more natural approach. Today’s modern gardens focus on clean lines and streamlined plantings. I have a personal tug-a-war between “blousy,” plant-packed garden beds and the breathing space that restrained plantings offer. For me it’s like choosing my favorite season: spring is my favorite in spring and fall is my favorite in autumn. What I do know is that I like calm-inducing gard
en spaces to help slow down time a bit and push away the noise of modern life.

I think I’m on the right track in my garden, but I can always—and should—use the help of those trained to see the garden’s possibilities. That’s one of the reasons I relish visiting the Showcase Gardens during the Yard, Garden & Patio Show. This year the theme for the gardens is “Gardening through the Ages.” In the January 10 issue of Random Acts of Gardening I shared three Showcase Garden designs that will be built at the Oregon Convention Center for our three-day gardening show. Four more gardens, described below, will bring us into the 21st century.

“Not Your Father’s Garden” (LMeyer Design and JP Stone Contractors) rethinks garden elements that are often taken for granted. Mundane objects are repurposed and redesigned into stylish, interesting additions to a revitalized outdoor space. Old doors and metal components, windows and even that empty wine bottle become functional and creative works of art. This garden will help you rethink how to lounge, play in and enjoy garden spaces.   [View the Garden Design]

The modern garden designed by Treeline Designz and built by Green Pro, LLC offers clean lines that bring attention to the central sculpture, which incorporates natural and spiritual elements expressed in the human form. A free-standing pergola, green vertical wall, water elements, lights, a floating natural stone path and a carefully chosen palette of plants will celebrate nature while incorporating elements of art and science. The garden will take you out of this world.   [View the Garden Design]

The future and past are undeniably linked in the Autumn Oasis created by Autumn Leaf Landscaping Inc. This garden embraces both the craftsman and contemporary styles of landscape design. The use of reclaimed lumber and modern hardscape textures create a balanced garden space. Unconventional garden walls, an outdoor gathering area, dancing fire and water, and lush plantings define this garden.   [View the Garden Design]

As population increases, the need for housing and feeding ourselves will become a very personal subject. We will need landscapes that are carefully planned, not only for aesthetics and food production, but for sustainability. Design Resource Group believes that sustainability is not a fad but a way of life that can be exciting and innovative while the concept matures with knowledge and experimentation.    [View the Garden Design]

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  1. Ran Across this blog post. We are landscape designers and often incorporate gardens into the homeowners vision. This was a nice article - thank you.