Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Planting Inspiration

Plants Make Our Lives Better artwork by Annabelle, age 9.
Just in time for the holidays, the Oregon Association of Nurseries (OAN) is publishing its first ever e-calendar, which features the artwork of elementary school children, ages six to 11. We asked classrooms to encourage their students to create artwork that celebrates how plants make our lives better. The resulting art is beautiful and inspiring! The calendar, which includes monthly plant recommendations by Great Plant Picks and fun facts about how plants make our lives better, can be downloaded at www.PlantSomethingOregon.com.

The OAN, and nursery and landscape associations in 11 other states, are using the Plant Something™ program to encourage more gardening and education about the health and well-being, financial and environmental benefits of plants and gardening. To learn more about the program, visit the national Plant Something website and stay in touch with the Plant Something initiative via its Facebook page.

Some more Plant Something artwork for you to enjoy. Lots of trees. Lots of clean water. And lots of birds and pollinators.

Alberto, age 9
Conor, age 10

Isabella, age 10

Alexandra, age 8

Sherifa, age 10

Joy, age 11

Tomas, age 10

Lauren, age 10

Chloe, age 10

Nathan, age 10

Megan, age 9

Carmen, age 9
Riley, age 10

Cheyenne, age 11

Sierra, age 11

Jakob, age 11

Tariq, age 11

Abdulkadir, age 11

Manar, age 10

Katya, age 10

Mohammad, age 10

Natallie, age 10

Alan, age 11

Aiden, age 11

Logan, age 11

John, age 11

Jake, age 11

Cierah, age 10

Luke, age 9

Emily, age 9

Matthew, age 10

Paisley, age 7

Cruz, age 7

Sophia, age 7

Abigail, age 8

Jenna, age 9

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