Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Winter Interest Containers

The Garden Corner, a garden center in Tualatin
The secret to exciting winter interest containers is two-fold: containers large enough to accommodate multiple plants, and multiple choice plants. The Garden Corner is known for its baskets. They have everything from the world’s smallest hanging baskets to the world’s largest hanging basket. And they plant them up for home gardeners and for cityscapes, or they will help you plant your own. I was intrigued by one of the baskets created on the most recent of The Garden Corner’s weekly videos.

The basket featured blue, silver and dark green foliage. There were no annuals or flowers in sight, just one perennial (a grass) and lots of conifers and evergreen woody ornamentals. The arrangement was anchored with a soft, blue-toned conifer. Cedrus deodora ‘Prostrate Beauty’, Euphorbia ‘Silver Swan’, variegated Vinca minor ‘Ralph Shugert’, and what looked like a cultivar of Rhododendron with indumentum and a dark green Osmanthus filled out the basket. Cut stems of the corkscrew willow added the finishing touch of texture. Sweet! Not only does it look good in winter, it would look good all year, which makes it a good investment. Add some weather-resistant holiday decorations (which The Garden Corner also sells), and you’ll be set for the holidays. (And you can take a photo with one of the resident chickens!)
A winter window box. Great use of burlap!
OAN Executive Director Jeff Stone with a Garden Corner Chicken

Some of the world's smallest hanging baskets. A perfect gift, perhaps?

Shopping at The Garden Corner for decorative items to put in arrangements.

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