Monday, July 6, 2009

Perplexing Gardening Questions

The Random Gardening team has gotten a few rather specific questions about plants and gardening. To get the best, most personalized service, I can recommend our Perplexing Gardening Questions Resource, Mary McLaughlin. Visit to get your plant sourcing and gardening questions answered.

With more than 30 years of gardening experience and ten years working as an Estate Gardener, Mary is happy to assist in your personal quest for better plants and garden health.

Simply complete the online form and a response will be sent via email. Please note that all plant and gardening advice is suggestion only. For definitive solutions, contact your favorite garden center (take a photo or plant or pest sample), or a certified Arborist or other landscape professional for onsite consultation. Oregon offers an extensive Master Gardener program; they, too, are an excellent resources and can often be found at local farmer's markets and gardening events. Click here for the link to their informative website.

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