Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seeing problems

A friend recently told me about getting a bee sting on the eyebrow, and then having a tiny piece of glass pop up into her eye, all while weeding in her exburban garden. I used to garden next door to a sweet old lady who threw her grandson’s wine bottles into my garden for disposal; sometimes they landed on my carefully tended boulders. There are a lot of hazards out in that peaceful garden, from wildlife to leaping weed seeds to human artifacts. Maybe it’s time to add protective eyewear to my garden gloves and hat!

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  1. Wow I have a Tiara and a huge Rinestone Spider pin I wear, those glasses would look perfert with! Thanks for your lovely blog. Google alerted me to you since we have the same name... Trish Andersen! (except that yours is Anderson) I love gardening and live in St. Helens. Look forward to someday meeting you! Trish