Friday, September 18, 2009

Daryll Loves His Cistus…

By Hortiholicus happii

I visited Daryll's Nursery yesterday and was blown away at the selection of grasses and Cistus at this friendly nursery located in Dallas, OR. Owner Daryll Combs helped me select some new additions for my sunny – low water areas; among them Cistus x obtusifolius and Cistus x 'Sunset'. And at 20% off during Le Tour des Plants...why not throw in some grasses...which is exactly what I did. This weekend they have some great classes for anyone to take advantage of: Saturday at 2pm is a class on selecting ornamental grasses, and all day on Sunday the staff will help you with plant identification. While there make sure to ask Daryll about his Cistus and let him help you pick the best variety for your sunny location!

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  1. I'm loving some of this blog's author's names. :-)))))