Monday, September 21, 2009

Tell us about your favorite Le Tour des Plants activity and nursery

By Hortiholicus happii

I visited 21 Le Tour des Plant destinations (tough job, isn't it!) and came home with garden art, a ceramic pot, a green "wall" and at least 50 new plants (you can imagine what I'm doing this weekend!). On Friday, a co-worker—alias Gardennia Nuttei—and I and eight other ladies built a green "wall" at Farmington Gardens. I think this was my favorite Le Tour activity this year and I can't wait to see how mine matures. It's going to hang outside on my house in a part sun location so I can see it from my deck..

Another favorite was the winter interest presentation by Laurie, Youngblood Nursery, at Madrona Hills Ace Hardware in Salem. I learned about plants that should do well in a shadier spot in my garden that I wanted to develop this year. The information she provided—and the plants she inspired me to purchase—was very helpful.

We’d like to hear what you enjoyed most this year.

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