Monday, November 23, 2009

Room with a View

By Gardennia nutti
I recently read an article which brought up a valid point: very often we (gardeners) design our landscapes for outside viewing when in fact most of our viewing pleasure occurs inside through a window pane. Even hard-core plant nerds aren’t outside every day, and designing a garden which doesn’t take into account an inside vantage point is missed opportunity.

Reading the article made me understand a recent decision I’d made. You see, about two years ago I purchased an amazing pot for my yard and proceeded to place it in the best vantage point for my neighbors. They were thrilled of course! “Wow – what a beautiful pot – I enjoy looking at it while I sit in my living room.” As luck would have it I was forced to move my lovely pot this summer in preparation for some foundation work. I moved it to a location that by accident was perfectly viewable from my living room, and after months of enjoying the new view, decided it would stay put. About a month ago one of my neighbors asked “where is that lovely pot? I miss seeing it.” My response: “It’s still here, just moved a bit so I could see it. How about joining me for a glass of wine in the living room? At the very least you’ll enjoy the view.”

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