Monday, November 23, 2009

Young Gardeners Abound....

By Gardennia nutti
The other night I was at a pub with some plant nerd friends showing off a cool new catalogue filled with “exotic” veggies I wanted to grow. After setting down our pints of Twisted Thistle, our young waitress pointed to a picture of the Walking Stick Kale (Brassica oleracea var. longata) we’d just been discussing and said: “I planted that last year, great tasting and beautiful in my yard. Enjoy your beer.” We were dumb struck. How can a table full of plant nerds get trumped by a college student? After my ego rebounded I felt great joy knowing a young gardener was connecting to the land with fun, edible plants. The edible trend, it seems, is doing more than providing fresh veggies and fruit; it’s shaping a new generation of gardeners.

At the end of the evening our young gardener gave me a tip: “go home and check out the Fennel & Fern blog, it’s my favorite”. Her tip ended up being a true gift, it’s one of the most beautiful and fun sites I’ve seen in a while. It has given me new insights into gardening, and relief to know that a passion for plants continues.

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