Monday, January 7, 2013

Hosta of the Year

The hosta cultivar ‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’ has been named the 2014 Hosta of the Year by the American Hosta Growers Association. I don’t think I have seen one, but the press materials say it was selected because it “offers huge, heavily-textured, blue-green leaves that cup and twist into a unique display. It boasts white flowers in early summer and good slug resistance. It reaches 18" in height, 22" when flowering.”

In my opinion, no garden can claim to have too many hostas! My garden claims not to have enough of them even though I must have at least 25 different varieties, probably more. They excel in deep shade, though some can take quite a bit of sun, and they offer unbeatable bold leaf texture.

The AHGA's members have voted to select a hosta of the year since 1996. Award winners are hostas that are good garden plants in all regions of the country, are widely available and in sufficient supply and retail for about $15 in the year of selection.
Sebright Gardens, a specialty nursery known for its hostas (and ferns and epimediums) lists ‘Abiqua Drinking Goard’ in its catalog (for $12).  And they describe it this way: Large- Lovely rich blue-green, cupped & puckered leaves that can hold rain water; nice affect. I’m sure I can find just the place for it!

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