Friday, January 25, 2013

Looking at the Details

It’s not often that the minutia in the garden stops me in my tracks. The recent frosts in the Willamette Valley had a way of bringing details of plant structure to the fore. Those that know me know that I like just about anything that sparkles. Frost-rimmed leaves are right up there on my list of favorite things. I wasn’t surprised by the frosty conifers; they excel in the winter landscape. However, I was delighted by the shimmering spider webs that often are overlooked as garden decoration. The Hebe and heather looked like they belonged in the dance of the sugar plum fairy. The Euphorbia either looked like a rainbow or a pack of Pekinese (the clump of winter-chilled Euphorbia made me laugh!). Frosty days are as good an excuse as any to slow down and marvel at the new leaf and flower buds promising spring and the resiliency of plant life.

How do you find enjoyment during this darker time of year before the garden shows are upon us, the Sarcococca blooms it sweet fragrance, or the bulbs begin to peak above ground?

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